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Turkey Hunting in Minnesota

Do you know that Turkeys can actually be hunted just like many other animal or bird? Turkeys are famous birds that live in the wild and mostly found in Minnesota. Geographically, Minnesota is a state that borders Canada, and is the twelfth largest state that covers an area of approximately 86, 943 square miles. The name Minnesota was coined from the Native American word, Mnisota, which literally means a place of somewhat clouded water or much white water.

Minnesota turkey hunting Turkey hunting is one of the biggest sporting activities that attract hundreds of visitors to this region. The ecological system, climate conditions and land terrains make it easier for animals and birds to habitat here.

Apart from Turkey, Minnesota is also home to native animals and game birds, and especially the migratory birds that are attractive to watch. If you want to see Turkeys in their natural habitat then this is the best place to be. Hunting is one of the oldest traditional activities that are associated with our ancestors.

Hunting is a beautiful and creative sporting game that every one must be involved in having been passed down to us by ancestors.

The Myths about Hunting

The First myth is based around the misconceived idea that hunting is cruel. Animal activists and vegetarians go crazy, but in reality, this isn’t true. Actually, Turkey hunting is done for food and not for destruction of wild birds. Turkey is a prestigious bird that has become many people’s choice during Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

The Second myth is based on claims that hunters are dangerous or trigger happy, and are people who go around harming animals and birds for fun. Again, this is not the reality. The reality is that everyone has been trained and licensed to use fire arms to shoot accurately without prolonging pain to animals or birds.

The Third myth purports that hunting actually harms and threatens the survival of wild life populations, but this is also not true, because there are federal regulations that restrict the number of animals and birds that can be hunted.

The Fourth myth, maintains that hunters use it for financial gain. This is far from the truth, because hunters have to pay license fees and tax before they can go hunting, then the revenues collected are placed back to the work of research, development and improvement of wild life conservation efforts.

Management of Turkey Wildlife

Turkey population and hunting activities are important aspects in the livelihood and management of Minnesota’s game reserve. These activities generate lots of money to the State of Minnesota through license fees, tax revenues and other activities that are related hunting such as travel services, food and accommodation. Turkey hunting has created huge job opportunities to hundreds of workers to the locals which in a way has improved the outlook of the economy. Though it is a sporting activity, the focus has shifted to economic development program. This is why the state of Minnesota has come with contingency plans for research development and improvement of wild life management to accommodate more plans for Turkey hunting activities.

The management of wild Turkeys in Minnesota goes back to the 1880s due to activities of deforestation and unregulated hunting by the local inhabitants. The management plans include the counting of existing Turkeys, improvement of Turkey habitats especially during winter seasons. The hunting of Turkeys has been regulated by the Minnesota State Department of Natural Resources since the late 70s. They have created what is called Turkey Clinics that focus on teaching hunters about the safe ways of undertaking hunting activities and how to avoid fire arm accidents

Hunting Rules

The department for natural resources that laid down rules and regulations that you must follow if you want to engage in Turkey hunting activities which are as follows:

Turkey hunting in Minnesota is a fun changing experience that you can engage in. If you have never thought about it, then think about it today, but please always keep safety in mind, especially when using guns.

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