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Minnesota snowmobiling One of the most exciting and memorable activities that you can be involved in during your winter vacation in Minnesota is snowmobiling. While a good number of snowmobiling lovers prefer trail rides, there are those who have a desire to experience a more tremendous snowmobiling adventure.

This might consist of races and trick riding among other riskier snowmobiling activities. Minnesota snowmobiling history is quite interesting and has made winter more enjoyable as compared to the period prior to the innovation of the now popular snowmobile. The city’s snowmobile trails are renowned for offering quality riding when put on the global scale. Most of city’s groomed trails are estimated to be 20,000 miles long in total and are under the effective maintenance efforts of snowmobiling club volunteers.

Minnesota exposes snowmobilers to diverse and appealing snowmobiling experiences due to its numerous snowmobile trails. Most of these trails are found in Northern Minnesota. One of such trails is the Gunflint Trail whose scenic byway & lakes including various scenic loops & spurs provide snowmobilers a long period of fun. Another popular trail is the Arrowhead State Trail measuring 135 miles which is said to be naturally and primarily meant for snowmobiling. Taconite state trail is also an appealing feature measuring 165 miles and stretches from the Grand Rapids area and ends in Ely. This trail passes through several scenic vistas which include rolling hillsides, rivers, forests & lakes offering snowmobilers an amazing scenic view.

As a snowmobiler, you will also have a spectacular and breathtaking experience in the Bear Head Lake State Park located in Ely. This park is known for its pristine lakes which harbor black bears, timber wolves, moose as well as nesting eagles. The white & red pine trees, plus the aspen & fir trees make this a perfect location for snowmobiling. However, winter camping is limited in this area. There are also Crane Lake Area Trails which offer snowmobilers an opportunity to experience soft powder-like snow blanketing area lakes as well as forests. The trails are well marked and groomed earning them a position among the top 10 snowmobile trails worldwide. The crane lake area as well as the Voyageurs National Park, which isn’t crowded is quite adventurous and exciting to everyone.

Snowmobilers can have a fantastic experience snowmobiling on Tomahawk trail which measures eighty six miles. You can access the trail from the famous North Shore Trail. The trail passes through highlands and rocks giving snowmobilers a fantastic natural snowmobiling experience. This trail is rated among the top 10 snowmobile trails offering an exclusive snowmobiling adventure and experience. There is also the North Shore State trail which stretches from Duluth and ends at Grand Marais. Using the trail, snowmobilers get a clear view of rugged & beautiful sceneries found in Minnesota. You could also enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Superior while snowmobiling. Using these trails, snowmobilers also easily connect to the Grant-In-Aid trails in Finland, Silver Bay, Tofte, Lutsen & Beaver Bay including a number of local trails.

The North Shore Trail offers snowmobilers a fantastic back-country experience &, in some regions wilderness conditions too. Trail visitors are likely to encounter timber wolves, moose, deer, waterfowl, fox as well as bears which add an exciting flavor to snowmobiling. The experience is amazing.

All snowmobile services carrying out their operations on state as well as grant-in-aid trails are required to have state trail stickers. The trail system in Minnesota offers you an opportunity to enjoy almost every part of the state. While snowmobiling in Minnesota, snowmobilers enjoy the city’s basic facilities which include small bars, restaurants & lodges. For those who don’t own snowmobiles, Minnesota’s trail system is well-equipped with snowmobiles including other necessary equipment for rental purposes.

To reduce the cost of snowmobiling in Minnesota, an assistance program for snowmobile trails was introduced in 1973 by Minnesota Legislature which assigned the Department of Natural Resources-DNR- the duty of cost-sharing an administration program meant to develop and maintain snowmobile trails. The program had the major goal of creating and maintaining trails that were locally initiated accruing financial assistance from the state. The program acquired the name grants-in-aid or what is popularly known as GIA program. It is the responsibility of DNR to administer funds that the legislature appropriates for GIA.

Maintenance & grooming grants are grants that benefit local governments (usually county units) dubbed the sponsor which ensures that GIA snowmobile trails, during particular times of the calendar, are well prepared & ready to be used by snowmobilers, adequately groomed & closed when the season comes to an end.

The second category of GIA is the capital improvement grants. While GIA funding mainly focuses on maintaining available grant-in-aid trails across Minnesota, capital improvement grants-in-aid also exist. As the name suggests, capital improvement GIA serve to expand Minnesota snowmobiling industry as well as improve it.

Minnesota has an appealing environment for snowmobiling due to the extensive snowmobile trail system. Snowmobilers enjoy the snowmobiling environment in the state’s northern part which contains the snowy woodlands amid frozen lakes & streams. Minnesota’s central region is also amazing for its wide-open prairies. While snowmobiling in the southeastern region, snowmobilers enjoy the beautiful view of limestone cliffs.

The trail system in Minnesota covers the entire state running from areas that have dense population to the most remote as well as the wilderness which is sparsely populated giving snowmobilers the opportunity of choosing the region they desire most. Please be sure to take along a companion incase an accident happens, you don’t want to be stranded in the frozen tundra by yourself. The trail system in Minnesota has not left out facilities that provide basic needs such as food and accommodation among other essential services that snowmobilers might be in need of. You will definitely enjoy the experience while utilizing the amazing trails. Please wear the proper protective gear when having fun like warm clothes and snow suit, a helmet and goggles will aid in keeping you safe.

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