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Minnesota malls There are many shopping malls in Minnesota that you need to know about especially at times like “Black Friday” which marks the start of holiday shopping.

There are quite a number of shopping centers found in the Twin Cities Area. It’s a good idea to know what you are looking for to avoid something as exciting as shopping from becoming a hectic nightmare.

Mall of America is the biggest mall in Minnesota and the US.. This amazing mall is the home of a variety of dream attractions like Nickelodeon Universe (an indoor theme park with three roller coasters), the House of Comedy, underwater adventures, a number of theaters and also countless stores. You will find annual and even weekly events like Toddler Tuesdays which is dedicated to the cute and cuddly of our society, the Holiday Music Festival which is great family fun for all to enjoy among many other events on their packed calendar.

There are a number of guest services that make Mall of America the best of the Minnesota shopping malls, like gift cards, tours and other activities which the whole family can enjoy. The Mall of America is quite the place to visit. They offer a visiting plan for its patrons, tours, transportation and even parental escort services. You can connect with this epic mall via Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and Facebook.

The Rosedale Center is one of the biggest and most visited Minnesota shopping malls. Located in the area of Roseville, it is open each day of the week and closes at 9pm on weekdays and Saturday while Sunday visitors can enjoy all that this mall has to offer up till 6pm. You’ll find everything from food courts, clothing and accessories stores among other outlets that you and your family can enjoy. The Rosedale Center believes in great bargains which is why you will find a list of deals from stores like Macy’s, Pac Sun, Gymboree and many others on the website. This means that you can get something for everyone at great prices with no clothing tax. The center also has readily available tourist information, electronic carts, gift cards, infant strollers, bus schedules and adequate security that will make your visit there that much more worthwhile.

Burnsville Center is one of the many Minnesota shopping malls worth visiting and is located in the area of Burnsville. It is home to stores like JC Penney’s, the Grandstay Hotel, Gordon’s Jewelers and many others. This is a mall that never misses a host of sales and events, like the day after Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza where the mall opens at 5am for those strong enough to brave the morning chill. Other events include the Military Sale, Stretch and Stroll with Angela for those who would like to enjoy a walking experience at Burnsville Center. The movie schedules at the center will ensure that everyone can enjoy a flick of their taste with reasonably priced tickets and snacks. The Burnsville Center website offers a listing of all stores and vendors located at this mall, or collect a shopping book found at the mall. Transport schedules, security, strollers and even tourist information to make your mall experience a memorable one.

Looking for other malls in the state of Minnesota? Then you can visit a number of directories online that will give listings complete with contact numbers, physical addresses and websites. One of the sites that are a definitive guide to Minnesota shopping malls is AllMinnesota.Com.

You will find a web directory of malls in the Twin City Metro Area like Southdale Center, Gaviidae Commons, Maplewood Mall and many others. This is a great site that helps to narrow down mall listings based on area.

Another directory site worth visiting is OfficialUSA.Com where you will find a satisfactory guide to Minnesota shopping malls and centers complete with contact and location details. These sites will also give details on transport, accommodation, nightlife and even weather that you can only find in the state of Minnesota. With this information at hand, go out there and shop till you drop!

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