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Discover new scientific innovations at the Minnesota Science fairs

Minnesota science fairs People from across the world communicate and share ideas and innovations in science and technology. Every year, Science fairs are held in Minnesota to promote and share scientific development

The Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair is one of the science fairs that is held annually across the state. This event aims to bring out the best science and mathematics skills of students in Minnesota.

The students who take part in this science fair are from both the junior and senior high schools. The students from the junior high schools take part with a project, research paper or both while the senior high students take part in the Project Competition. There is the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium that offers the senior high students interested in a research paper competition the opportunity to do so. To take part in this science and engineering fair, students must register and compete in the Regional Fairs first from where the best are selected to proceed to the state fair.

There are nine regional fairs from where the state fair competitors are chosen. They include; Northeast Regional Science Fair, Rochester Regional Science Fair, Northern Regional Science Fair, Twin Cities Regional Science Fair, Central Region Science Fair, Southeast Regional Science Fair, South central/Southwest Regional Science Fair, Western Regional Science Fair, and the South Central/Southwest Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Close to three thousand students do take part at the regional competitions and only three hundred and fifty are chosen to participate at the State science and Engineering Event.

There is a standard criteria on which the students are judged , the context of their project, their communication and understanding of the concept. There are also over three hundred awards to be won at the state science and engineering fair by the most outstanding students.

The judges are people of high academic and professional credentials. The junior high category judges must meet the minimum qualifications of having a Bachelors degree in science or engineering or two years equivalent experience in the science field. For the senior category, a Doctorate in a science or engineering or Masters with six years of research in the field of specialization.

Other than the Minnesota State Science and Engineering fair, there are other fairs like the Home School Science Fair and the Soil Science Fair that are held based on different themes. All these regional and state science fairs are united in the spirit of promoting scientific innovations for better developments. Age should not deter you from taking part in the fairs as not all of them are for students alone. Come up with something and make a contribution towards the scientific revolution.

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