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Minnesota Scenic Drives

Discover Minnesota scenic landscapes, sparkling waterfalls, woodlands and prairies

Minnesota Scenic Drive Minnesota has 22 leading byways cutting through some very scenic landscapes, from lake lands in the north to sparkling waterfalls and woods along the winding rivers; to prairies, state parks and rolling hills.

However, it doesn’t stop there, historic and cultural aspects match the scenic beauty. This collection of factors makes Minnesota an inviting bargain with its towns, historic sites, parks, bike trails and walking paths virtually everywhere.

The 20 mile Scenic Highway lies east of Bemidji, in north central Minnesota. Its northern terminus is located near Blackduck on US 71. This highway leads south through Chippewa National Forest and Leech Lake Indian Reservation to the US2 junction. The Scenic Highway follows Beltrami County Road 39 and Cass County Road 10, two-lane paved roads which are good for a drive by any type vehicle.

Driving on the Scenic Highway, your eyes feast on sights of beautiful trees and evergreens. The road passes by the shores of Cass Lake with the magnificent orange, red, and gold colors of the fall season adorning your view. You may even spot a white-tailed deer without leaving the highway.

Minnesota's Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway is a 55-mile beautiful road winding through Minneapolis, a city with a population of two-and-a-half-million. It is one of a kind, being totally located within a major urban area.

The Edge of the Wilderness Byway is located within north-central Minnesota. It begins in Grand Rapids, follows the two-lane MN 38, which is open all year round and is navigable by any motor vehicle. The 50 miles byway carries you through rolling hills, forests, lakes and swamps, amongst other features. The spectacular red sugar maples, bronze oak trees and glowing gold aspen and birch adorn the byway in fall.

The North Shore Scenic Drive traces the shoreline of Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake, presenting some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. Driving through, you have access to the Superior National Forest and eight state parks. Here, you get unlimited opportunity to savour the great outdoors through out the year. The North Shore Scenic Drive is officially designated a National Forest Scenic Byway.

Driving through the Historic Bluff Country Scenic Byway, you will experience the scenic beauty while art galleries and antique shops, historic sites, cave tours and museums offer a pleasant break. You can also enjoy canoeing in the Mississipi River, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, fishing and photography among others.

The Mississippi River, aka the Great River Road has been a central influence on many cultures: from early French voyagers to African-Americans seeking freedom from slavery. Others were the Dakota, Hopewell and Chippewa cultures amongst others. To date the river still acts as a most important link in people’s various activities across the towns and cities along its course.

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