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Rugby Statue One of the games that attracts huge crowds and provides great entertainment is rugby. In Minnesota, rugby is played across the state by both the men and women.

There are also rugby federations and associations that manage the sport to ensure high standards of the game as well as great sportsmanship among the players.

The Minnesota Amateur Rugby Foundation is one of the organizations which promote rugby in schools, and organizes programs that are aimed at developing young talents in the game. The foundation helps to impart values such as teamwork and good leadership among the youth that undergo their programs.

The foundation has a well trained staff it dispatches to schools with the necessary rugby resources to integrate the game into the schoolís curriculum. The foundation also conducts coaching clinics in its efforts of improving the game of rugby in Minnesota. Since its formation in 1984, the foundation has tremendously grown and developed thousands of young rugby talents who currently play in professional leagues and earn a living doing so.

The University of Minnesota has a rugby program that offers young men and women interested in rugby games myriad opportunities of developing their talents and taking part in intercollegiate sports. Not only do the beneficiaries of the program excel in rugby but they are also presented with the opportunity of going through the prestigious academic programs offered at the University of Minnesota. The certified coaching staff and the state-of-the art training equipment offered by the university ensure the best training for students. The Rugby Program expects students to develop winning attitudes that encompasses commitment to the development of the club.

The Minnesota Rugby Football Union is the local area union for Rugby union teams in the state of Minnesota, which is also a member of the Midwest Rugby Football Union that happens to be one of the Seven Territorial Area Unions in the United States.

There are numerous menís and womenís rugby clubs that take part in the three divisions of the rugby league. The Metropolis Rugby Football Club is one of the menís clubs that take part in the first division rugby league. Eastside Banshees is one of those that take part in the second division while Farribault Bok Springs and the Rochester Minnesota rugby teams take part in the third division.

Twin Cities Amazon Rugby Club and Minnesota Valkyries are some of the womenís clubs that take part in their division one league. The Minneapolis Menagerie Womenís Rugby Club is one of the teams that play in the womenís division two rugby league. There are also collegiate clubs where players in the Universities and tertiary institutions play. The Rugby Football Union also offers scholarships to players aged 19 and below to pursue higher learning and advanced rugby training at the University.

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