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The state of Minnesota can be referred to as a wet state considering its large number of lakes, rivers and wetlands. There are many river cruises that one can enjoy and they keep on getting better every day. They are indeed a thrilling experience.

Minnesota food river cruises During a cruise you’ll enjoy expansive sceneries along the rivers as well as sampling the unmatched menu that is usually served. There are also narrations that give you insight into the history of various sites and cultures.

The cruises are in two categories, Public cruises and Private charters. They offer a wide range of themes to match various special moments, festivals and seasons. Exampes include sightseeing cruises, meal cruises, and specialty cruises.

The choice is on you depending on theme or reason of the cruise. There are numerous Companies offering river cruises. Padelford Riverboards is one such company that offers both public cruises and private charters. If you are interested in sightseeing, then you can take the fall sightseeing cruises that are offered. Tickets can be purchased at the Padelford Landing office one hour before the cruise. You can explore various exciting scenes along the Mississippi River.

The best time to take advantage of these sights is in October during fall. Cruises start the beginning of September, and are held in the evenings every Wednesday through Sunday and every Friday through Sunday October.

Minnesota food river cruises The meal cruises include the Sunset Dinner Cruise, Lunch and Lock Cruise and the Sunday Lunch Cruise. During the Sunset Dinner Cruise, you can enjoy a dinner of baked Manicotti, Pot Roast with carrots and onions, roasted vegetables, campfire potatoes, Caesar salads, breadsticks, dessert and coffee.

These take place every Tuesday and Friday between seven and nine o’clock in the evening. The most captivating moment is the sunset down the skyline as a cool breeze flows.

The Lunch and Lock Cruise package contains a trip that lasts four hours, 11 am to 3pm, every Monday and Saturday in the months of June through October. You will pass through one of the deepest locks in the country as you enjoy banjo music and a lunch of roasted turkey breast with dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, a relish tray, salad, rolls and coffee. This is similar to the Oktoberfest Lunch Cruise where you enjoy polka music and German delicacies.

Minnesota food river cruises The company also offers specialty cruises like the Fireworks cruises and the Margarita cruise. The fireworks cruises take off at half past eight o’clock and lasts for two hours during the Taste of Minnesota festival.

Private charters are also available for those that like conducting their events in the waters. Events like weddings, birthday parties and romantic get away are some of the thematic cruises one can enjoy on the Mississippi River.

The St. Croix Boat and Packet Company in Stillwater, Minnesota offers public and private cruises on a daily basis on the magnificent paddle wheel river boats that have capacities of up to 675 people. The company allows a minimum of twenty people for a cruise to proceed otherwise it’s canceled.

The Paradise Charter Cruises and Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours are some of the companies that you can book with for a river cruise among thousands of other companies. In Minnesota it’s easy to spoil yourself, so the choice is yours, to cruise or not to cruise, is the question for your entertainment.

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