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Minnesota photo contests Photography is one of the most interesting activities that one can take up as a full time job or as a leisure activity. Every photographer has a theme of his or her work. In Minnesota, there are various photo contests organized to promote photography as an art and using photographs to highlight and address various issues in the society.

In the city of Mankato, Minnesota, there is the Mankato annual photo contest that is organized by the public information office of the city of Mankato. Every one is allowed to participate in the contest by submitting original photos from around Mankato. They accept photos that are taken less than two years prior to the date of the contest and should have been taken in Mankato.

To enter the contest, one has to submit the following to the public information office of the city of Mankato; name of participant, address, phone contact, photo captions, exact location where the photo was taken and the photographer who took the photo. There are a limited number of fifteen entries in each of the categories. This annual event encourages the participation of the citizens of Mankato and displays the city’s lifestyle and heritage. The photos that are voted as winning photos may be used on the city of Mankato website and other communication pieces of the city.

The Center for Rural Affair organizes and sponsors a photo contest that is meant to showcase the rural America. In Minnesota the contest brings out the rural settings of the state. The Rural America Photo Contest is categorized into three major categories; agriculture, small business and community development. To enter the agriculture category, photos submitted should bring out the renaissance revolution in rural agriculture, that is diversification, local marketing, value-added product, sustainability among others. The community development category calls for photos showing the impact of positive change in the surrounding community. Photos showing the creativity and innovative nature of small businesses within Minnesota can be entered in the small business category.

The Winter hazard awareness week photo contest is sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. It is an event that is open to all amateur photographers to show their works. The contest has two division and four categories. The divisions are based on age, that is, 15 years old and below division and the 16 years old and above division. The categories are; mother nature, winter holidays, kids in winter, and outdoor winter sports. The contest only accepts digital files that are less than ten megabytes in size. The photos should be approximately 250 kilobytes and in a jpg format. The photos may be colored or black-and-white and should illustrate the aspect of winter in Minnesota. A photographer is allowed to submit a maximum of six photographs and the entry to the contest is free.

There are several other photo contests including the Minnesota zoo’s photo contest where photography enthusiasts can take part and win awards. So next time you are out and about, take your camera along and snap a picture or two, you never know, it could be the winner.

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