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Pet-Expos for pet enthusiasts, owners, rescue groups, Vendors and More

Minnesota pet expo Minnesota holds annual pet expo events that gather pet enthusiasts from around the country who include owners, rescue groups, non-profit organizations and vendors.

The Twin Cities pet expo is the most popular in this state, featuring many activities that include pet services and nutrition exhibitions in addition to pet health, nutrition and training demonstrations.

The expo is intended to promote native and exotic pets that include rabbits, dogs, reptiles and amphibians.

Pet expos are held in other Minnesota cities and towns as well, bringing together pet owners and enthusiasts to witness a variety of interesting and educational pet shows. There are several pet groups in the state which attend these expos to exhibit their activities and promote pet rearing among the attendees.

The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (MCRC) is one these pet groups that grace pet expos around the state each year. This group rescues rabbits and puts them under proper care. These rabbits are put in foster care, some of which are showcased in the expos. MCRC also displays its agility trained rabbits that exhibit interesting skills acquired from the agility course.

The MCRC provides biographies of adoptable rabbits under their care for interested foster parents at the expos too. There will be foster parents to tell you about their experiences on adopting rabbits from this group. It gets more interesting when you get to see therapy rabbits, used for therapy sessions in nursing homes, hospices and in schools for disabled children among other care centers.

The Minnesota Companion Bird Association is a club that also participates actively in pet expo events around the state. Club members include bird owners, avian veterinarians, business owners and Aviculturists. At the pet expos, the bird club endeavors to educate bird enthusiasts on the best ways to ensure sustainability of birds both in the wild and at home. The club is open to bird owners who are just getting started on the hobby to Aviculturists who have been in it for many years.

The Parrot Nannies of Minnesota is another pet group you will find in pet expos around the state. This group is known for its interesting shows that display parrot skills as well as its educational forums in which they teach parrot training, nutrition and behavior. You will also get to learn about other services that the parrot club offers which include pet sitting and boarding for small pets that include cats and dogs.

Another popular pet organization in the state is the Minnesota Herpetological Society which graces pet expos to showcase a variety of reptiles and amphibians. The society educates attendees on the care of these animals while also promoting their conservation in this area.

All these pet groups are open to membership and you can find out how to join any of them from their booths at the pet expos. Interested foster parents can also find out how to adopt pets from any of these organizations. Each of these groups has a website from where you will find detailed information on their regular meetings and educational events. Membership is not restricted to pet owners and donors who wish to commit to funding the groups’ various activities are welcome to join as sustaining members.

Minnesota pet expo events play a vital role in educating pet enthusiasts on the proper ways to rear different pets while also promoting the conservation of exotic pet breeds around the state. Visitors from outside the state can be assured of great hospitality from fellow pet lovers as well as exciting and educational pet shows at the expos.

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