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Are you bored just sitting around at home? Do you want to get outdoors and do something fun? In Minnesota there are lots of things to do outdoors, like walking the parks, trails, forests and biking paths. You name it, and you can likely experience it in this beautiful state.

Minnesota outdoors If you like downhill snowboarding, you will find plenty of parks with hills you can snowboard. Some of them are free in local parks and others that charge for entrance include the Lutsen, Giants Ridge, Buck Hill, Green Acres and Spirit Mountain, plus many more. For those living around the Twin cities, you will have Afton Alps, Hyland Hills and Welch Village parks among others.

For the extreme outdoor types, you may want to experience Dog sledding. There are several companies that organize the dog sledding experience for travelers with little know how. Most of these are located in the North of Minneapolis. A couple companies for this adventure include the Wintergreen Dog Sled Lodge in Ely, Dogbooties.com in Duluth and White Wolf Dog Sled trips, which is also located in Ely.

Minnesota outdoors Hiking and backpacking is another good family outdoor activity. There are several parks in the State with good trails where families can hike together. You will find many hiking clubs that can provide you training, supplies and guidance while hiking. They will help you choose the difficulty level of the trails and take care of you in case of emergencies

Being the land of 10,000 lakes, water based activities are a big outdoor attraction in Minnesota during the summers. Many people enjoy fishing, tubing, kayaking, water skiing, boating and canoeing among other things.

Ice fishing is another great sport that many people enjoy on our lakes in the winter. There are thousands of lakes that freeze to great depths. Some supplies that youíll need are a tent or shelter, an auger and fishing rod, warm clothes, bait and maybe a big jug of hot chocolate. Then go out fishing for fun and even for food. This is a good family activity but you need to be careful about ice depths so they don't cave into the water, make sure the ice is thick enough.

If you like speed during winter, try snowmobiling, this is a great adventure where you drive a fast moving vehicle designed to ride comfortably in snow. It's a great feeling that youíll want to do again and again. You can use your own snow mobile or rent one from snow mobile clubs and outfits.

4-wheeling is another great adventurous outdoor activity you can enjoy in Minnesota. This is best during summer when snow is the furthest thing from your mind. There are numerous 4-wheeler trails that you can explore. You should however be careful because some trails are very steep and accidents can happen, so stay with a buddy and be cautious but have an amazing adventure.

There are lots of deer and other wild animals in Minnesota. Every year there is a two week period when people are allowed to hunt deer and other animals to reduce the ever growing population. Hunting is a great sport many people really enjoy. You'll often see people wake up very early in the morning, go to their hunting stands and perch themselves in a tree to wait for deer. Most people hunt using guns but many prefer use powerful arrows, there is actually a season for each method individually.

Birding is another outdoor activity popular in Minnesota. Many people like to watch birds in their natural habitat. There are several places one can do this and take amazing photos. Many birds are protected by law so you cannot hunt them. However there are many bird species that people are allowed to hunt.

If you love going out and exploring, you can try the art of cycling. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with your surroundings while keeping fit. Cycling can be done individually or as a family. It's a fun activity especially during the summer when itís warm outside. All the trails are scaped with various difficulty levels. For the more extreme cyclists, you can try mountain biking. There are many mountain bike trails where you can test your stamina as you enjoy the workout and scenery. You may need special mountain bikes to climb the steep hills in certain areas of the state. Dirt Biking is also a popular sport where contestants use powerful motorcycles to compete as they race around a dirt track. It's mostly a game for the more experienced bikers but there are several clubs that offer training for novices.

Camping is another great Minnesota outdoor activity. There are many camp sites for individual families or groups and even campsites where horses are allowed. The campsites are mostly within the state forest grounds where you can erect a tent and experience living outdoors. Most sites have sanitation facilities, fire pits, garbage cans and access to clean drinking water.

If you like horses, you can attend Horse racing tournaments held during specific times of the year. The most popular horse track is Canterbury Park in Shakopee. They have thorough bred horses and professional riders competing for the crown. Betting on the outcome of these races is great entertainment too. This exciting and suspenseful activity is suitable for the whole family. If you are not satisfied with just watching horses race, you can try doing it yourself. There are several places offering the horseback riding experience for novice riders. It's a great adventure that will help you overcome your fears of horses, that is if you had any in the beginning. The horses are usually well trained and very calm for your riding pleasure.

These are only some of the many outdoor activities you can enjoy in Minnesota throughout the year. Others include watching fireworks, bus tours and the popular game of golf among other sports.

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