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Minnesota kites Many people perceive kites and kite flying as an activity meant for kids but this isnít the case as other than the small kites there are larger kites that are built and flown by adults. In Minnesota there is an organization that works tirelessly to promote kite flying activities.

The organization was founded in 1985 and is known as the Minnesota Kite Society. Itís a non-profit organization with an all volunteer staff dedicated to the expansion of the kite flying population by providing information and technical assistance to people interested in the activity. The society organizes kite flying events and kite building workshops all in its effort of bringing more people into kiting.

There are numerous varieties of kites designed for all age groups, ranging from kids to adults. There are the Traditional Single Line Kites, the Fancy Show Kites, Dual Line Sport Kites, Quad Line Sport Kites, Fighters and Power Kites. Their prices range from a few dollars for the small size kites to several thousands dollars for the giant show kites.

The Minnesota Kite Society organizes kite education and kite building workshops that help the members learn more on kite making. The society also has workshops specially designed for kids interested in kite making. The workshops also provide information about other organizations involved in kiting from where interested persons can also get more lessons on kite making and kite flying.

Minnesota kites Some of the events sponsored by the society include; The Lake Harriet Winter Kite Fly, St Paul Winter Carnivalís Frosty Fingers Kite Fly that takes place every last weekend of January, Kiwanis Kite Fly, Flying Colors Kite Festivals and the One Sky One World Kite Fly for world peace and environmental awareness which takes place every second Sunday of October.

The events are meant to promote kiting and advance major issues affecting humanity worldwide. The Kite Society is always on the look out for community events to partner with so as to help in the achievement of its goals.

The Flying Colors Kite Festival is an annual event that takes place on a Saturday every August at the Valley View Middle School in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is a non-ticketed event mainly organized for children to have fun and learn more about kites, as there is an on-sight workshop where the children make their own kites and try flying them.

This event also has a kite flying contest where the best kites are awarded prizes. The Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival takes place every January is another event that strives to make winter fun with kite flying. Various kites are flown over the frozen lake, and there are other family activities that take place during the festivals, they include; ice fishing, snowshoeing, and kidsí medallion hunt among others.

Minnesota kites To be a member of the Minnesota Kite Society, one has to fill out a membership form and remit an annual membership fee of $20.

Members of the society receive quarterly newsletters detailing the activities and plans. Some of the members get fellowships in flying and making kites plus have the opportunity of sharing their experiences with other people who have interests in kiting.

There is the Annual Bouquet and Auction that involves honoring those who have dedicated their time and talents in making the society a success. The auction features kites and items donated by individuals and businesses. Members get invitations to this event with each occurrence. So if you are interested in learning more about the art and fun of kite flying, no matter the season, then look up the Minnesota Kite Society. They will provide you with all the information you need to get started.

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