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It is the dream of every parent to give the very best to their children and make them feel loved. In so doing it is also advisable that they be molded into responsible people who are also well informed. One of the things that you should try out is the kids’ museum. Here your child will get to discover themselves and the world around them as they entertain and enjoy themselves. The state of Minnesota has several museums with children themes to ensure optimum entertainment and learning for your young ones.

Minnesota childrens museum The Minnesota Children’s Museum located 10 west 7th street in downtown St. Paul provides children with the opportunity to discover themselves and understand their surroundings better.

The museum has seven galleries specially designed to give the best environment for children between the ages of six and ten years to explore. There are staff members who engage the children in fun and interactive smart play where they will toss balls and play with finger puppets among other things.

One can register for membership and enjoy the benefits that come with being a member. There are two categories of memberships; standard memberships and special memberships. The museum opens at nine o’clock in the morning and closes at four o’clock in the evening on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday every week. On Friday and Saturday it opens at nine o’clock and closes at eight o’clock. On Monday the doors remain closed.

In Minneapolis there is the Bakken Museum that is located in a mansion off Lake Calhoun, it hosts a library and exhibit on all things that pertain to electricity. Here you can play the Theremin as you watch the video clips of virtuosos. Excitement can be had by handling a charge ball that will charge you with static elrctricity. The museum hosts a family science day every Saturday from ten o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the evening. This gives you’re the opportunity to learn more on science in a free and open environment. Other than on Thursdays, the museum opens at ten o’clock in the morning and closes at eight o’clock, the museum operates between ten o’clock and five o’clock. Just like the Minnesota children’s museum it closes its doors on Monday.

Minnesota mill city museum The Mill City Museum is the other kid museum that is situated in Minneapolis. It presents a fun filled study of history with its hands-on exhibits and multimedia presentations.

The museum gives kids the opportunity to explore the history of the once world’s greatest flour milling industry. They give a tour round the old mill using the elevator stops and on reaching the ninth floor there's an outdoor deck that gives an impressive view of the old mill.

There are four different self –guided scavenger hunts for the kids categorized according to age. On Monday the museum does not allow any visits, but from Tuesday through Saturday between ten o’clock and five o’clock the pleasure is all yours.

Other kids museums that you can visit include; the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting in St. Louis Park, the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Do not ponder to hard on where to take your kids to during their next outing, just wait for the right time and off to the museums you go, experience one at a time since they all have different displays and activities to help them learn and let their imaginations take them everywhere.

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