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Kayak over 4000 miles of Minnesota's river routes and Lakes.

Kayaking in Minnesota Minnesota has 32 rivers with over 4000 miles of mapped routes. Some notable rivers offering kayaking in this Midwestern hub include the Big Fork, Cannon, Chippewa, Cloquet, Cottonwood, Crow North Fork, Crow wing, Kettle, Metro area rivers and Long Prairie.

However for the ultimate in kayaking experience if you dare is the undisputed champion of Kettle River . This 80 mile long strip of watery bliss is a tributary of the Saint Croix in Eastern Minnesota. It is characterized by the swirling waters of varying intensities which promises a ride your grandkids would consider a folk legend. The upper section of River above Banning state park is quick moving and is regarded as a class-one rapid. The subsequent flow into Banning State park causes the river to drop a series of rapids ranging from classes one through four.

However, kayaking is less tenacious when the water levels are low, therefore they would be ideal for someone with basic instruction in the art. The high water flow is a totally different kettle of fish. Unwary kayakers run the risk of being flung against rugged shores or dragged underneath the surface by powerful whirlpools. Extreme caution in such situations is advised.

For a non taxing, blissfull kayaking expedition, I would recommend Lake Calhoun . This five hundred plus acre lake with a maximum depth of 87 feet is very popular with students as a result of the placid nature of the waters. Other favorites due to the relative calm nature of the waters are the rivers in Duluth and Tettegouche state parks. Duluth is the fourth largest city in Minnesota and is linked to the Atlantic Ocean 2300 miles away via the Great Lakes and Erie Canal. The opportunities for kayaking are massive as a result of the transition from a ravine to a sea environment over the immense distance. Such a scenario will soon be encountered on the North shore of Lake Superior when the Saint Louis River and Bay, Caribou River to Grand Marquis and Tofte to Onion Rivers are opened to the general public.

The Clear Water Lake north of Duluth however is best for veteran kayakers. The Pine Alder loop for instance takes 2 days to complete and spans 18 miles. The Clear Water Royal Moose loop is even more taxing as the kayaker is forced to cover over 3 miles in 3 days. This effectively means that they have to paddle twice as fast as they did on the Adler loop.

With a vast ravine environment, it is only natural that several companies have sought to tap into this natural resource. A notable example would be Natural Superior Adventures. This company, rated among the World’s top ten sea and ravine kayaking outfits by the National Geographic Magazine offers guided sea kayak tours for aficionados. The company also offers training and instruction for its customers in a safe location with no tides or currents.

Minnewaska Kayaks is another watercraft supplier, offering the opportunity to rent a kayak or buy one. They have excellent after sales service, with free delivery and pickup of equipment particularly in the Alexandria area.

For the kayaker on a budget, the Piragis Northwoods company offers second hand refurbished kayaks. They also offer on a limited basis, trips in the Boundary River area. As said earlier, Minnesota is not short of people who have sensed a market for this water sport. One should look not ignore the lesser known outfits such as the Wintermoon Summersun Kayak Adventures, the Rapid Rivers White Water Canoe and Kayak Club and the Spirit of the Wilderness Kayak Club.

The best times for kayaking in Minnesota are in the Fall months. Cool breezes keep waters from becoming turbulent while allowing a kayaker to enjoy the beauty of nature. The majority of the parks charge a small fee, but anything reasonable would be tolerable to preserve the authentic nature of these amazing rivers.

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