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Minnesota Junior P.G.A.

The association sponsors events for youngsters to help Discover and Develop Talent.

Minnesota junior pga Budding Golfers in Minnesota have a reason to smile thanks to the presence of the Minnesota Junior P.G.A. The association sponsors an event where youngsters in the 13-15 year age group get a chance to unearth, exploit, improve and eventually refine their skills. The refinement of these raw skills may in the future lead to a successful golfing career.

It promotes competition and camaraderie, as well as mentorship, thanks to its older brother the Minnesota P.G.A. Since hard work and diligence are necessary for Success, the event sponsored has for years set certain high standards. For the 2010 junior player tour, invites to youngsters were sent out based on their average score to par.

Prospective junior golfers had to have a scoring average to par of 9.00 or less. The scoring system was even more demanding with both Boys and Girls having to score 250 points to emerge as winners. Runner-ups on the other hand received 190 points while the final four, elite eight and sweet sixteen settling for 140, 100 and 75 points respectively.

The winner of the 2010 Minnesota Junior P.G.A at Giants Ridge in Bewabik turned out to be the Jake Miller. He accrued the most points of the summer and impressed seasoned golfers.

Four pre-qualifying tournaments for any junior p.g.a event in Minnesota are held every year between June and July. They preceed the final and are usually held at the Balmoral, Marshall, Vintage and Como Park Golf clubs. At this venues, Boys and Girls attempt to qualify on 18 hole sites. There are six qualifying holes to choose from and competition is intense. Those who escape elimination move on to the real deal which consists of a two day 36 hole final.

Practical instruction is of little use without a modicum of theory. Thus junior p.g.a academies have been set up in the state to teach Golfing etiquette, Rules of Engagements and the maximizing of accuracy of Long Drives. “Golfing Clinics” sponsored by the Minnesota chapter of the P.G.A have chipped in to impart knowledge in the youngsters In 2005, one such instructional bonanza attracted 700kidswho watched in wide-eyed admiration as masters such as Dennis Walters strutted their stuff. As an added incentive, scholarships of upto 4000 dollars were up for grabs.

Since professional golf, even the junior leagues, requires maturity and seriousness of behavior, rules have to be agreed upon and enforced. Some of these rules include the Lost Ball rule, Water Hazards rule, Loose Impediments and Provisional Balls to name a few.

Stalling for instance during the Minnesota junior p.g.a is punished by the imposition of a “pace of play” placard. This imposition allows someone officiating to limit the maximum period of time allowed to complete a regulatory round or stroke. The same rule applies if several contestants in the junior p.g.a leaguer are playing as a team and applying the same unnecessary delays .Everybody is penalized on an individual basis.

Another interesting facet about the Minnesota junior p.g.a is that in any match, officials are allowed to use stopwatches during matches! It has been scientifically calculated that a group of 4 youngsters should take15 minutes per hole; that means that an 18 hole round has a completion time of slightly over 2 hours. The pressure on this kids may seem unfair, but bear in mind that the best golfers of all time including Greg Norman and Tiger Woods started with intensive zeal. Thus the zero tolerance Code of Conduct is justified.

Past home-grown champions of the Minnesota Junior p.g.a include Zach Dufresne (1995), Ben Poehling (1994), Aaron Shepherd (1993) and Kallen Anderson (1992).

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