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The Art of close combat to defeat an opponent via throws, traps, joint locks, striking and kicking.

Minnesota jiu jitsu Jiu-jitsu is a Japanese martial arts method and a technique of close combat for defeating an armed or unarmed opponent via throws, traps, joint locks, striking and kicking. Perhaps because of exposure to the film industry or the need to toughen ones body to the deep biting winters, Jiu-jitsu is quite popular in Minnesota.

“Jiu-jitsu-nerians or the practitioners of the art can be found in local clubs, colleges and street corners honing their art. Occasionally, inanimate objects such as dumpsters and lamp-posts have been converted into sparring partners; note that most times, they win these sessions on “Rude shock” unanimous decisions.

There are several academies and mixed martial arts schools in the Twin Cities. Notable among these are the Next Level Combat School, the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy- popularly known as the M.M.A, the suitably named Warriors Cove and its subsidiary 10th planet, the famed American school of Martial Arts-A.S.M.A on Highway 13 South in Savage and the Aikido of Minnesota. The last school has an exotic appeal and is located on the North Snelling Avenue strip in Saint Paul alongside cultural attractions. It is known for instruction in a milder form of Jiu-jitsu, suitable for beginners. Since the schools are numerous, focus will be directed at the most popular.

It is important to note that most Jiu-jitsu practiced in the state of Minnesota is of the “Gracie” or “Brazilian” type. This type takes its name from the founding father Helio Grace-a wiry 135 pound lithe fighter who learned the art in Brazil while hosting a Japanese Immigrant!

The Warriors Cove Martial Arts Academy is the place to be for serious practitioners and the nervous cub. With a 30 year pedigree the cove has two brilliant masters to pass on skills; David Amebeck and Rickson Gracie –the grandson of the man himself. Skills in Ground Fighting are emphasized as Research has proved that over 80% of fights end up as good old fashioned rolling, clinching and gouging affairs on the ground.

Leverage, Timing, Endurance and Intelligence are relentlessly drilled into the minds of students as the factors determining Success against any opponent, be it a drunken patron or a pro in the ring. Endurance is very important; the master himself was once forced to fight for 3hours and 45 minutes. The beauty of the Warriors Cove is that while the guy with the Van Damme six-pack typically comes to work out there, amateurs fresh off the streets are also welcome. The only requirement is a 30 day notice to quit any training program.

The Minnesota Martial Arts Academy is a World Class Training Facility in Minneapolis. Established in 1992, the Academy focuses on Gracie Jiu-jitsu for self defense, Regular Jiu-jitsu which involves blocking and parrying of blows and the art of Grappling. Grappling is regarded as almost an entity on its own because as said earlier, 80 % of all street fights end up in the dust. Students are taught to maximize their superior and inferior fighting positions on the ground, regardless of circumstance.

Thus if somebody who is light in weight is pinned on the ground by a heavier opponent. Leverage can be employed to throw him or her off and regain the advantage. Sometimes all that is needed is a quick thrust and twist. There are free introductory classes with actual vivid demonstrations of Grappling and Takedowns.

The program is led by Professor Pedro Saver, a 7th Degree Black Belt, regarded by some as probably the most technically gifted Jiu-jitsu maestro’s in the world. The Head Instructor under Pedro is one Greg Nelson. With a 2nd Degree black belt under his belt-forgive the pun- and a one time membership in the Minnesota Wrestling team, Greg never fails to raise admiring eyebrows.

The Next Level Combat Center on Wood vale Drive in Woodbury Minnesota is yet another star on the Jiu-jitsu mark of Minnesota. With a subsidiary-the 10th planet Jiu-jistu-offering a home grown fighting style, participants are spoiled by choice. The Combat Centre uses Jiu-jitsu not just as a fighting style but as a means to flexibility, weight loss and natural muscle gain.

Two certified instructors put attendees through the paces under the gifted guidance of Eddie Bravo-a Jiu-jitsu champion. The results are noticeable within two weeks with improved balance, posture and strength. At the centre, as with most other facilities, there is a ranking system. It ranges from White for beginners all the way through Blue, Purple, Brown, Black and 1st degree. Patience and Tolerance is required as transition between belts may take up to three years.

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