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Minnesota horse racing Horse racing is a thrilling sport that is quite popular in Minnesota featuring thoroughbred, harness and quarter horse racing. Live racing events bring together fans, trainers, jockeys and horses from around the country. In fact, horse racing in this area is not only a sport but also a lucrative industry that brings in huge amounts of income into the state every year.

The Minnesota Racing Commission is the regulatory body that governs horse racing, it ensures that all venues registered for horse racing and card playing operate within the correct stipulations.

The biggest and most popular live horse racing venue is Canterbury Park. This venue boasts of three racing levels and a large card club to accommodate the large number of fans who stream in every racing season, and throughout the year. In addition, the park has a large car park and a horse stabling area that has 33 barns with up to 1,500 stalls.

Other facilities within the park include eateries, bars and a park restaurant that also consists of a full service bar. There is also a simulcast racing center with a capacity of 250 people, a poker room that has food, beverage and massage services as well as various group locations to suit indoor and outdoor group activities. These locations also have dining services and televisions to view track proceedings while others are designed to give a panoramic view of the race track.

The Running Aces Harness Park is another popular horse racing venue in the state. This venue is only used for harness racing, which is limited to standard bred horses. The venue consists of an outdoor seating area, a bar and restaurant overlooking the racing track as well as a stable yard with a capacity of close to 300 horses. Horse racing venues double up as gambling venues where gamblers enjoy a wide variety of casino games as they watch the action on the nearby TV screens. Basically, all racing venues remain open for various recreational activities even after the racing season is over.

There are different types of horse races, the most common being flat racing and racing over hurdles. Steeplechase racing is another type of racing that is more intense than hurdle racing as it involves racing past tougher barriers such as stone walls and fences as well as water jumps. All horse racing events involve huge sums of money in Minnesota. Winning horses are especially in high demand as they are used for breeding, in order to produce high quality horses for racing.

Betting on horse racing is another exciting activity that betters look forward to during the racing season, and betting is done either on location or online. The most widely common type of horse race betting is placing the bet on the winning horse. Although this carries the highest amount of profits, it similarly carries a high risk. You can also place bets on the second or third horses which on the other hand carry lesser profits but better chances of winning. Accumulator betting involves placing bets on a horse for a series of races. The total bet is accumulated from the price of each race which means that the horse betted on must win all the races for the better to claim the whole prize.

Breeding horses for the specific purpose of racing for the different events is a major economic venture in Minnesota. Quality breeders who breed and sell horses for all racing categories are found in all areas of the state. They strive to come up with outstanding breeds that will give breathtaking performances on the race tracks. There are trainers too, for those interested in training their horses for racing events in the state and other parts of the country.

Simulcast racing in Minnesota joins fans in this area to other racing events around the country as well as around the world. It involves watching racing broadcasts from other areas and is available in all major horse racing venues in the state. Racing venues prepare special luxurious rooms for simulcast racing while other venues have the broadcasts viewable from restaurants and bars. Horse racing in Minnesota in not just a thrilling sport, but is also a source of income for the many stakeholders involved. These include professional betters, horse breeders and trainers as well as jockeys. Visitors to the state could plan their vacation to correspond with the horse racing season in order to witness firsthand the exciting horse racing culture of the area.

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