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History is said to shape the future. In other words whatever decision that is made today determines what happens tomorrow and the steps to be taken in the event of any occurrence following today’s choice of action. This is the basis of the numerous historic sites that are rich memories of the major events that had taken place on specific sites or led to creation of the sites. Minnesota has several landmarks that demonstrate a rich history of America, mining, industries and political heritage. Take a tour of the Minnesota historic sites and explore the root foundation of the state of 10,000 lakes as it is also known.

Minnesota history center The Minnesota Historical Society is an institution that strives to preserve the great history of Minnesota. Visit their website to learn more information on events, and exhibits at mnhs.org. The institution owns around twenty six museums and historic sites. The Minnesota Historical Society is a non-profit organization that preserves Minnesota's story. The History Center is home to the Society's collections and archives which range from Civil War flags to Prince's suit from Purple Rain, since he is from Minnesota.

The Soo Line High Bridge connects Stillwater, Minnesota and Somerset, Wisconsin across the St. Croix River is one of the historic sites. The steel bridge was designed by architect C. A. P. Turner and was built by the American bridge company. The bridge is fifty six metres above the river and measures 817 metres long. Crossing the river by railway could not be any easier since the construction of the steel bridge. The bridge had been built before this one was too low causing lots of inconveniencies for the trains.

The Hermann Heights Monument is another historic site that stands in New Ulm, Minnesota. The statue referred to as Hermann the German by the locals is a strong symbol of the German ancestry for a number of people of Minnesota. There is a spiral staircase that leads to a surveillance area at the base of the monument which allows an impressive view of the town and the Minnesota River valley down under.

In Winona, Minnesota there is the Merchants National Bank which was built in 1912. The building was designed in the Prairie School architectural style and features great stained glass ornamentation. The building echoes the importance of farming to the people of the area and has aterra cotta sculpture of grain on the outside, with the murals done by Albert Fleury donning the inside. Above the entrance there is a terra cotta eagle that is perched to welcome you inside.

The Blue Earth County Court House in Mankato was built in1886 and was the county house that was built second after the first house which measured 20feet by 24 feet. The first house was built of stone in 1857 and was one story. The second court house was the venue of the legal trial of three hundred and ninety two Dakota Indians after the Sioux uprising.

Located in Taylors Falls in the state is the Taylors Falls Public Library. The library was first built as a tailor shop in 1854 by John Jacob Spengler who sewed the uniforms which were worn by the Union Soldiers in the Civil War. The Victorian Gothic pendants, spindles and quarto-foils in an Eastlake style are some of the Architectural elements displayed in the designing of the building. There are several other historic sites in Minnesota worth your exploration time, take time off from your busy schedule and experience the historic package of Minnesota, it will be worth your while.

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