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Enjoy Hiking on trails in Minnesota's Parks, forests, lakes & rivers.

Minnesota hiking trails Hiking is an enjoyable outdoor activity in Minnesota and a great way to spend time with your family. Hiking trails abound across the entire state, in the numerous state parks, forests and along the many lakes and rivers in this area. This gives a great opportunity to explore the abundant natural beauty in this State.

Minnesota has many state parks, all of which have hiking trails that will give you a fun experience. The trails are always well maintained and clearly marked.

Along the trails are beautiful picnic sites on which you can take a lunch break after which you will continue on your trek. State park hiking trails will take you through breathtaking scenery of thick forests, rocky climbs, along lakes and even by magnificent waterfalls. The Voyageurs National Park, which is the only designated national park in the state and the state’s two national forests, the Chippewa National Forest and the Superior National Forest have many miles of hiking trails.

Some other favorite hiking trails in Minnesota include the Superior Hiking Trail that is about 200 miles long, the North Shore and Gunflint Trail, the Border Route Trail and the Mesabi Trail. There are also numerous hiking trails in the Twin Cities too, through which you will experience beautiful surroundings. The countryside has great hiking trails as well, offering a unique experience across vast meadows, through forests and along lakes as you also get the opportunity to see Minnesota country farming.

Hiking in Minnesota gives you the opportunity to come up-close with the beauty of the state’s natural surroundings. It therefore gives the perfect opportunity for breathtaking photography along any of the numerous hiking trails in the state.

Bird watching is also an exciting experience as you trek along these trails, especially since this area is known for a wide variety of bird species. In all the areas where you will find exciting hiking trails, there are always campgrounds around, where you can pitch tent overnight and continue enjoying the magnificent Minnesota outdoors by the campfire, under the lovely sky.

Though many hikers prefer to visit Minnesota in the summer, the winter should not stop you from hiking either. State parks usually plow winter hiking trails to make way for hikers. During this time, you will experience lovely views of frozen lake shores and waterfalls as well as great walks through the woods.

Regular hikers here can join hiking clubs in different areas of the state at a fee that varies with different clubs. In the clubs, you will meet new friends and together you will explore the best areas to hike at different times of the year. Hiking clubs in this state vary from those of young vibrant hikers out to explore even the most challenging trails to those that accommodate older hikers.

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