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Here are some of the scary Haunted places in Minnesota.

Minnesota haunted places Believe it or not it is said that ghosts exist in some parts of Minnesota. These haunted places are constantly under surveillance by the authorities and visiting any of these places sometimes needs permission from these authorities.

The 40 Club Restaurant and Bar in Aitkin is said to be one of the haunted places in Minnesota. The ghost haunting the place is of a male person who passed away in an apartment in the upper floor of the building. His death came to light only after his colleagues at work noticed his absence from work and began the search. It is said that during the late hours of the night televisions switch on mysteriously.

Cold breezes sweep across the building and noise can be heard in the building after everyone other than the staff has left. At times footsteps are heard in the apartment while no one is in it. No one has since entered the room where the man is said to have died.

Minnesota haunted schools At Blaine High School it is said that a girl by the name Alana is haunting the place. When someone is walking alone along the hallway, it is reported that footsteps can be heard closely behind the person, but on turning around to confirm, nothing is seen but the footsteps are continuously heard. Someone is also believed to have written some information on the walls of the girls’ bathroom. The janitor tried to clean it up only to notice the same writing on the wall, written exactly the same way as it was earlier reappeared.

Jefferson Senior High is another school that is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a kid who slipped while going to get props. Since then the security and safety of the auditorium has been improved as to avoid any repeat of the accident that led to the loss of this young boy’s life.

The Billy’s Bar and Grill in Anoka, a small tavern to cater to the traveling loggers, is another haunted place. Apparently, there was a whore house in this place prior to the tavern. This placement of Billy’s on the property of the whore house was against the owner’s wishes, but due to some unscrupulous builders, the tavern was still built there and the owner soon found out that an old woman died in the old whore house.

Rumor has it that the old lady has been spotted a number of times roaming the bar and restaurant and that simple cleaning chores have been found completed by the time of workers arrived to work early in morning.

Other places said to be haunted include; The Fountain Lake in Delano, First Avenue Club in Minneapolis, Glen sheen Mansion in Duluth, the Heffron Hall at the St.Mary’s college in Winona amongst others.

There are shops that deal in products thought to protect people from ghosts. An example is the Ghost Hunter Store that stocks crosses, holy water, candles, holy cards and the shield of St. Michael. Depending on your faith you can protect yourself from ghosts, that is if they exist in your world but if they do not, enjoy listening to the tales.

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