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Minnesota beer festivals Minnesota food festivals There are many food and beer festivals held in Minnesota. This is due to the historical significance of brewing in this state. There was once over 100 breweries in this area. Despite the fact that this number has gone down, several other craft breweries have once again come up and currently provide Minnesotans with locally brewed beer.

Winterfest is one of the beer festivals, it normally takes place at the Minnesota History Center in Saint Paul, and is aimed at celebrating brewed beer in Minnesota. During this festival, appetizers are served along with live jazz performances. Winterfest is a beer festival presented by the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild which was founded in 2000 with the aim of promoting Minnesota breweries. It also tries to offer public education to beer consumers encouraging them to take beer in moderation. Above all, it ensures that Minnesotaís rich brewing tradition is carried on for the enjoyment of future generations.

Saint Paul Summer Food and Beer festival is another of its kind that offers different beers from more than 50 craft breweries. Delicious foods are served and live music is performed, plus there is silent auction to raise money. This festival takes place in the middle of summer and is well attended. Sumptuous hot and cold foods like hot dogs, pizza, burgers, and sandwiches are available for the attendees.

The annual Autumn Brew Review Craft Beer festival is another outdoor festival organized by Minnesota Craft Brewerís Guild. It features unlimited beer and non alcoholic drinks. There is also mouth watering meals, and popular live music. The attendants have the ample opportunity to vote for their favorite beer, and the event also offers valuable educational seminars to the attendants.

The City pages Beer festival is an annual festival where hundreds of gallons of beer are made available to the participants. Free appetizers are given out and VIP tickets are given to those willing to be treated like kings.

Minnesota food festivals Minnesota food festivals One of the food festivals in Minnesota is the Rhubarb Festival which is celebrated by the Lanesboro Farmers Market. Among the delicacies served are pies, leathers, crisps, ketchup concoctions, cakes, jams, soups, chutneys, chili among others. The festival is for both kids and adults, and music is played while the Rhubarb sisters entertain the attendants with melodious songs. There is a series of contests and numerous prizes are won. This festival is all about music, food, fun and prizes. Attendants are granted chances to taste rhubarb delights like pies, and crisps, and then voting for their favorite.

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the festivals with the highest attendance rate in the state, with over two million this year alone. It is held during the last week of August and the last day being Labor Day. The main theme of this event is you can eat as much as your body can handle, from cheese curds to whatever you desire on a stick. Yep, thatís right, on a stick, and this doesnít just mean corn dogs.

This theme encompasses fried mac-n-cheese on a stick, waffles on a stick, pork chops on a stick and even corn on the cob on a stick. Hard to believe the concoctions dreamt up from year to year, but I can guarantee that as long as you bring a willing pocket book, you wonít leave hungry. In addition, you have the choice of all the drinks you desire, all the carnival rides you can handle, and the opportunity to purchase t-shirts and promoted items throughout the event.

The kraut festival is also one of the greatest festivals in Henderson, Minnesota. It always takes place on the last weekend of June. It is rated one of the greatest festivals in the southern Minnesota. Despite being a food festival, several other activities including a car cruise, eating contests, live outdoor music and car shows take place. It has been celebrated for the last 80 years making it one of the oldest festivals in Minnesota.

The Wild Rice Festival is celebrated annually, and has been for 60 years. Itís normally held at the Deer River area. Its establishment was to foster unity among the community members and to celebrate wild rice which is abundant. The festival is nowadays sponsored by the Deer River Lions Club and is filled with activities which are intended to bring together the Deer River community for a whole weekend filled with fun, food, fellowship and entertainment. Itís intended to entertain and feed both children and adults alike.

The City of Burnsville, Minnesota is annually flooded with thousands of visitors who come to experience the Potatoes Day festival. This event has many activities like mashed potato wrestling and the Miss Tator Tot pageant. The picking and peeling potatoes competition is also a popular attraction. Carving and sculpting along with car races are more of the activities promoted during this festival. Several delicacies such as Norwegian lefse, potato pancakes, French fries, potatoes sausages, potato soup, among other delicacies are served. This celebration is also for both children and adults.

Vining watermelon day is celebrated on every third Saturday of August annually. It began in 1972 and during this festival, participants are served free watermelon. There are several activities conducted on this fateful day including musical entertainment, kidís games and dance.

As mentioned above, there are indeed several food and beer festivals in Minnesota. The beer festivals are aimed at promoting Minnesota breweries, creating a channel and means of communication between brewers and to advocate for modern beer laws. The numerous food festivals are aimed at bringing people together and celebrate the availability of rich varieties of many types of food.

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