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Enjoy the rich variety of fairs and festivals held in Minnesota

Minnesota fair rides Every year, Minnesota hosts a rich variety of fairs and festivals that draw people in from around the world. The state’s calendar is literally packed with festivals from those that showcase its agricultural heritage to craft festivals, county fairs and street festivals.

Whatever your quest for fun and enjoyment as far as fairs and festivals go, your desires will be adequately met through out the year in this state.

The Minnesota State Fair is the grandest of them all. It is one of the largest festivals in the US, as it run for an amazing twelve days. During the fair, there is a wide variety of attractions that include a livestock display of live and birthing animals, a multitude of vendors, cooking and art as well as different foods that have been celebrated in this region for many years, pretty much anything you can imagine “on a stick”.

Livestock shows take up a big part of the festival, with farmers exhibiting their reared animals and competing for awards in different categories featuring beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep and goats in addition to poultry and even dogs.

Minnesota fair food Food is an important part of the Minnesota State Fair. A wide variety of foods, which are a product of the state’s agriculture are usually deep fried and served on sticks. Such foods include hot dogs, corn dogs, cheese curds, corn, steak and candy bars.

Art is another huge part of this annual festival. Artists display their creativity in different categories of competitions. The artists are required to reside in the state in order to participate in the spectacular display of paintings, photographs, sculptures, ceramics and textile art.

Entertainment during this fair is plenty, from live music shows to comedy shows as well as concerts and rides for children and grown-ups too. Besides this grand festival held at the state fairgrounds, there are numerous other fairs and festivals unique to every area of Minnesota. Whether it is winter, summer, spring or fall, the state has unique festivals for all seasons of the year.

The year begins with the Saint Paul Winter Carnival which offers visitors and participants over 100 indoor and outdoor events to sample. These include parades, ice carving displays, a snow slide, ice castles and cultural celebrations. This winter festival is held in the last 10 days of January every year.

Minnesota fairAs the year progresses and summer sets in, summer fairs and festivals in Minnesota take over the state. They include music festivals, food festivals and film festivals The Taste of MN is one of the popular summer festivals in the state.

It includes live music performances in addition to numerous other events catering to both children and adults. Besides, visitors will get to taste a whole variety of local delicacies, throughout the festival.

Music makes a huge part of the many fairs and festivals held in this area. At the same time, there are festivals that are purely for live music performances such as the We Fest. This festival features live country music and is indeed the world’s largest outdoor country music festival. In addition to lots of music, there is plenty of beer and food for visitors to lavish in as well as the option of camping under the beautiful Minnesota sky.

The Sommerfest is another popular music festival that displays classical music by the Minnesota orchestra and other guest performers. The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is a major fall festival too, which will take you back to renaissance times with jousting, eating with your hands and so much more. The Festival of Nations is a huge annual event bringing together people of different ethnic backgrounds from other countries and allows you to sample foods from all over the world. Numerous other fairs and festivals are distributed around the state all year round.

You can plan your vacation here to coincide with any of your favorite events during which you will have the chance to indulge in many other fun activities such as hiking, bird watching and camping. You shouldn’t miss the popular annual events as they are tailored to give you an unspoiled taste of Minnesota from its farming and agriculture to food, music and art.

During the fairs and festivals, you will get the opportunity to learn about their origin and history, and the majority of the events are family friendly thus the entire family is guaranteed to have a wonderful time participating in different activities. You will not go home empty handed as you will get the chance to take with you souvenirs especially from the many craft shows where you will find innovative handmade treasures.

Details of all Minnesota fairs and festivals are available online including the dates, venues and activities held. The most popular events attract a lot of people from around the country and beyond, and you will therefore need to make reservations and bookings for your accommodation and other preferences in advance. Visitors can look forward to having a unique and unforgettable experience at any of the fairs and festivals held around the state, so come and join us for a fun filled experience.

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