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Minnesota Emerald Society

A Society of Police officers, fire fighters and other Law enforcement officers.

Minnesota emerald society Minnesota Emerald Society is an organization comprising mainly of American police officers and fire fighters with Irish ancestry. This society is a law enforcement organization whose membership is open to law enforcement officers and criminal justice professionals.

However, there are no restrictions from joining the society even if one is not of Irish ancestry. Full Members must be current or retired Law enforcement officer dedicated to upholding the integrity of the profession. Associate members are are not able to vote on the society's matters but have the opportunity to participate in the society’s numerous social and charitable activities.

Honorary members don’t they have a voting right, and complimentary memberships are granted to individuals and/or organizations whose presence in the society help the society. They however don’t have voting rights either.

Founding membership is for active members only and is gained by being a member during the society’s first year of existence. It therefore closed in 1993, a year after the society’s formation. It is made up of people who made the initial financial contribution to make the society begin its operations. They are the individuals who laid the foundation for the society and without these people; the society couldn’t have reached the level it has today.

Established in 1992, the society’s main objective was to provide valuable assistance to the law enforcement officers faced with danger in the process of performing their duties. The danger could result in the death of the officers or they could suffer serious injuries while performing some of their risky duties. Besides that important feature, the society aims to develop a spirit of oneness, mutual understanding and respect between the law enforcers and the people of Minnesota.

The society is a member of the National Conference of Law Enforcement Societies and its objective, just like several other emerald societies in the United States, is to develop the spirit of oneness amongst its members. It also aims to promote the Irish culture, to recognize and appreciate the efforts and achievements of Irish- Americans in law enforcement and public safety jobs. The society also endeavors to work with the civic and public safety associations on areas of great concerns. Above all the society instills in people an origin pride, courage and the act of embracing professionalism. It also promotes mutual understanding between law enforcement communities and the residents. It also takes into account the citizens’ participation in community activities.

As stated above, the society’s main aim of existence is to provide a solace to the law enforcement personnel faced with danger, the bereaved families and friends of a law enforcing officer after his or her death. The bereaved families and friends are aided in coping with the tragic loss of their loved ones in the most consoling ways. The society has a band going by the name Minnesota Police Pipe Band which performs at the funeral services of the officers killed in the line of duty. It has been in existence since 1994 and their services are always requested, and offer these services to the bereaved families free of charge.

In order to raise the sometimes huge amounts of money needed to provide solace to the affected people, the society organizes a number of events. These are aimed at raising funds to make the society make ends meet. The outreach missions are always accomplished by the donations extended to the society by other donors and the sponsors of the number of activities which the society undertakes. One of the activities of the club is the membership night. During this night, there is live music performance, free beer is issued to all the attendants and there is a silent auction with numerous classy items.

Besides those events, the club holds a dinner dubbed a Charity dinner. People mingle and chat with each other while enjoying sumptuous meals and listening to music. Non members are not left behind as they are allowed to enjoy themselves by paying a fee. They also organize events like St. Patrick’s Day and golf tournaments. In addition, the Minnesota Emerald Society donates cash to football teams and sports team whose membership comprises 80% of law enforcement personnel. Besides, the team must agree to display the society’s patch on their uniforms.

A person can support the club by personally being involved in its numerous activities, through cash donations and giving of gifts.

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