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Minnesota Capitol Mall.

The Capitol Mall in St. Paul, MN

Saint Paul Capitol Mall The Capitol Mall, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota began to emerge when urban planners after World War 2 renovated the area from a massive slum into a nicer area. Numerous dilapidated buildings were removed making way for a large well-groomed park area.

Later, the government built many office blocks and the current Capitol Mall. The mall is a beautiful building full of Statues and Memorials dedicated to War veterans and other prominent Minnesotans.

The park hosts several annual festivals including the Taste of Minnesota held on the Fourth of July weekend and the St Paul Winter Carnival. Next to the Mall, is a little place known as The Veteran’s Service building which has a beautiful fountain known as “The Promise of Youth”.

Today the Capitol Mall is just that a beautiful mall near the capitol. It hosts a slew of stores for any modern shopper to enjoy, like home furnishing stores, clothing and children’s stores, a multitude of restaurant options and of course the ever popular recreational stores too. Many retailers there are the big names as well like Best Buy (the native MN company which started in Edina), Macy’s, JC Penny’s, Gap and even Bed Bath and Beyond (one of my personal favorites).

The mall is open Monday through Saturday 10a-9p and Sun day 11a-6p, which allows you the opportunity to check out this beautiful place.

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