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Minnesota boat show Minnesota is home to many rivers and thousands of lakes hence the nickname ‘land of 10,000 lakes’. As a result, it attracts many boaters who come in for boat shows and boat tours to sample the scenic natural beauty of the state, as they cruise on Minnesota waters.

Minnesota is believed to have the highest number of boats per capita in the entire country. The reasoning behind this is, many tourists flock to Minnesota especially in summer to experience the joys of the various lakes and activities. Consequently, the average hours for which the boats are rented are lower than in other parts of the country. Boat shows in Minnesota give boat builders and sales men a platform to make huge sales. Most of these shows are held in the summer months and buyers flock here to get the best deals, considering that Minnesota experiences a shorter summer than most states.

Boat tours in Minnesota are a huge tourist attraction during the summer as well. The tours are conducted throughout the day and boaters make bookings for the hours they would like to cruise. It could be in the morning as you enjoy brunch on the boat, in the sunny afternoon or in the evening as you watch the dazzling sunset. Aside from boat rentals, there is also the option of purchasing a boat of your choice at these boat shows. Boat owners can then tour the Minnesota waters at their own leisure and comfort.

Around Minnesota, tourists have a fleet of boats to choose from depending on the boating activities they want to engage in. These include fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, tubing and swimming plus more. Among the wide variety of boat choices are canoes, kayaks, motor boats, cruisers, pontoons and personal watercrafts. Boat rentals ensure that boaters have everything they need to have an unforgettable experience. Visitors may choose to host various functions aboard their boat such as birthday parties, wedding parties, corporate seminars, anniversaries, family gatherings and special dinners. Midnight cruises under the stars are also popular especially with couples out to reconnect with each other by having a memorable summer vacation. Boats available for rental purposes are of varied capacity and boaters need to choose one that fits the number of people expected to ride.

Owing to the large number of people that flock to Minnesota during summer, which is the boating peak season, it is advisable to make bookings in advance. Conveniently, it is possible to join one of the boat clubs operating around the state. Regular visitors who view owning a boat as a costly affair may get satisfactory boating services every time they visit from their boat clubs. To join a boat club a required annual membership fee is charged. Besides individual memberships, the clubs also have corporate memberships available.

Joining a boat club has a number of advantages. A boater will have a variety of boats to choose from including the latest models when they visit. Boat club staff strives to make their clients as comfortable as possible and chores such as cleaning, boat upkeep and maintenance as well as onboard entertainment are all done for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your boat tours. All boat club clientele are trained on how to operate the boats and navigate the area they are touring using the provided maps. Boaters who opt to hire a caterer or captain may do so at a cost separate from their membership fee. Remember, however that you’ll need to pay for any damages caused on your boat and most clubs charge any additional costs on a monthly account.

Boat clubs often limit the number of members depending on the number of boats they have. Even as a member of a boat club, you will be required to make reservations with your club in advance, to secure your boat of choice for your planned boat tour. Boaters who ride frequently around the year may opt to buy their own boats. Boat shows are the perfect place to get the best deals for the latest boat models. On sale are restored classic boat models for buyers who would opt for these pieces of history. During the boat shows, manufacturers display the latest technology in boat making including engines, electronics, fishing gear and accessories. Buyers will be simply spoiled with choices. The popularity of Minnesota boat shows have made big business for boat manufacturers who report to make the most sales at the shows than at any other time.

Boat shows and boat tours are an unparalleled tourist attraction. While boat builders look forward to making big sales, tourists are focused on having a wonderful time cruising on Minnesota waters. The boating culture has been drawing large numbers of people to the state every year and this is not expected to change any time soon.

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