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Experience Spiritual and other help at Minnesota Bible camps

Minnesota hosts quite a large number of bible camps and other social camps for people of all ages, ranging from young children to grandparents. There are indeed numerous camps organized annually in this state and all are aimed at improving the spiritual growth of the campers.

Bible and Christian Camps:

Minnesota valley Lutheran Camp is a week-long camp established to provide young children in grades 4 through 8 the opportunity to worship, develop and improve their spiritual growth by taking part in numerous camp activities with the guidance of devoted counselors. It helps the young children gain a deep understanding and aids them in applying Godís word to their real life situations and help them realize that each day of our lives offers numerous chances to offer praises to God. The participation fees are between $165-180 and the activities like lawn bowling, canoeing, campfires, skits, daily devotions, kickball and bible study take place. The campers need to carry a bible, pen, notebook, enough clothing, towels, flashlight and mosquito repellant. Further information and attendance details can be uncovered by contacting jrenzner@yahoo.com.

Covenant Pines Bible Camp is another camp in Minnesota, and is attended by campers from the 2nd grade through 12th. Its core mission is to help campers move steps ahead in their spiritual walks. Its goals are to impart spiritual values and to use the counselorís and staffís wonderful experiences and knowledge to mold the campers both spiritually and socially. Several activities take place at this camp, like boating, bible study, swimming, talent shows, team building, and the list continues. Further information about this camp can be found by contacting office@covenantpines.org.

Lake Placid Bible Camp is also a wonderful camp, it takes place near Pillager, Minnesota and any one is free to attend it as it does not have an age limit or gender restrictions. Even grandparents can attend. Among the several activities that the campers participate in include archery, shooting, hiking and fishing. People interested in participating in the this camp can contact rscott4865@aol.com for more information.

Camp Omega is aimed at providing challenging and fun activities to camper that are capable of promoting strong Christian values and enhancing the spiritual growth of the campers who are both boys and girls. It has existed since 1964 in Waterville, Minnesota which is located inRice County. The resident fee per week is $201-350. Further information can be obtained from info@campomega.org.

Other Social Camps:

Camp Buckskin is accredited by the American Camp Association, and is a residential camp aimed at improving the lives of the campers socially and economically and has been in existence since 1959. Besides, campersí academics, performances are improved making them more successful, not only in school but also in their future lives. It takes place in Ely, Minnesota which is located in Saint Louis County. The age of the participants is 6 - 18 and it takes 4 weeks to complete. The participants pay between $501-650 per week in attendance fees. These fees cover most of the needs of each camper during their stay, interested people can contact info@campbuckskin.com for more up to date information.

Camp Elk River Camp is a residential camp for girls ages 5 Ė 17, and is available in sessions between half a week and a full week. The fees are between $201 -350 for your specified time per week. It takes place in Zimmerman, Minnesota which is in Sherburne County.

Camp Foley is a residential or transportation camp. It is for campers ages 8 through 16 and takes between 2-4 weeks. The residential fee is over $800 per week, and the transportation fee varies. More information can be found by contacting fun@campfoley.com

Camp Heartlandís aim is to give children affected by HIV/AIDS recreational camping programs. It is a weeklong camp taking place in the in Willow River, Minnesota which is in Pine county and charges a residential fee of up to $75 per camper. More information can be found by contacting stefanietc@campheartland.org.

Camp friendship has been in existence since 1964, and is a residential camp in the Annandale, Wright County, Minnesota area. It provides camping and short term care to children of all abilities and disabled adults.

Another interesting camp is the YMCA Widjiwagan camp. Having been in existence since 1929, it aims at including respect for self, other campers and for the environment through environmental education and adventures. It is for both boys and girls ages 12 through 18 and takes place in Ely, Minnesota which is in ST Louis County. A residential fee of $501-650 per week is charged for each camper and includes just about everything the camper needs besides clothing for the week. For more information you may contact liz.flinn@mcastpaul.org.

Camp Lakamaga is a girls only camp and was established in 1927. It welcomes girls between the ages of 6 to 13. It is a weeklong camp aimed at providing support to the girls while educating them on proper decision making and how different things impart them in life. The camp provides the girls the skills to enable themselves to live happy and purposeful lives. It takes place in Marin on the St. Croix river in Minnesota. Participation details can be found by contacting carrie.wilson@girlscoutsrv.org.

Finally, Camp Singing Hills is for girls aged 6-17, and is associated with the nationally known Girl Scouts organization. It takes place Waterville, Minnesota which is in Le Saver County and is aimed at offering a camp environment with thrilling programs to meet the needs of the girls and to help them grow strong. It is a two week session camp and began in 1967. The contact email is camp@girlsoutsrv.org.

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