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Take an exciting tour of Minnesota underwater Aquariums for an unforgettable experience

Minnesota Aquarium Aquariums are a major tourist attraction in the state of Minnesota. Individuals and aquarium clubs have been involved in the rearing of diverse fish species and plants for exhibitions, sale and for the pure fun of it. Minnesota aquariums give visitors exciting tours underwater and provide visitors the unforgettable experience of being up close with thousands of living sea creatures and various fish species.

Minnesota aquariums are most popularly known for exhibiting such fish as sharks and dolphins. Visitors are able to witness a one on one interaction of these fish with the aquarium staff during feeding times. Aquarium divers go in with two way microphones with which to explain the exhibitions to visitors while also answering any questions the tourists may have.

The popularity of aquariums in Minnesota has provided large pieces of land and huge buildings solely used to build huge aquariums to host the massively wide range of species including underwater plants. Most of the aquariums have devised ways to make the aquarium experience feel like a real underwater experience. Touch pools in the aquariums give visitors the opportunity to touch baby sharks and other intriguing fish while plunge rides allow them to have a virtual submarine experience.

Most large Minnesota aquariums have specialized in sea animals and plants but the Minnesota Zoo Aquarium is one of the few that has been incorporated into a zoo that hosts other animals as well. The zoo remains one of the largest tourist attractions in the state, and the aquarium in particular receives a large number of visitors on a daily basis. The Minnesota zoo aquarium is famous for the Atlantic reef, coral reef, sea horses and sea dragons among other sea animals.

There is a smaller aquarium located on the lowest level of the Mall of America. This mall is located in Bloomington, and is quite the experience. Sharky’s Underwater World is comprised of a glass tunnel system that gives you an inside view of the ocean at its best. As you make your way through these amazing tunnels you will see different types of sharks and a multitude of fish that will come up to greet you.

There are also trained divers that you may see now and then as they provide treatments to the fish. Please go online to learn more about this amazing adventure as you explore the vast number of retail shops in the largest mall in the world.

Besides the big Minnesota aquariums, the state is home to many aquarium hobbyists who keep their own aquariums. The hobby has in turn made big business for breeders and aquarium store owners around the state, over the years. Aquarium enthusiasts have also formed clubs and societies that have been operating around Minnesota for decades. These organizations have been promoting the breeding and raising of diverse fish including the native North American fish species. Some of the most common types of fish reared in such aquariums include catfish, killifish, gold fish and rainbowfish, in addition to cichlids and angelfish. Different species of sea plants are also incorporated into the aquariums.

The Minnesota Aquarium Society is one of the most popular aquarium societies in the state. It is recognized not just in the state of Minnesota, but in the entire country as the largest aquarium society with about 200 members. The society promotes fish keeping through a number of programs such as Breeder Award Program, Horticulture Award Program and annual aquarium shows. The society also holds auctions to sell fish and plant breeds in order to raise money for operations.

An elected Board of Directors comprising of a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer are charged with running the Minnesota Aquarium Society. They are assisted by a number of directors and committee chairs. The society holds meetings once every month and even non-members who would like to learn about keeping an aquarium are welcome to join the meetings. The society often invites experts in the aquarium field to teach its members on the best aquarium keeping and maintenance practices. All information on the society is available on its website http://www.aquarium.mn/main/ including how to purchase memberships, the events held around the year and its aqua news section which is updated monthly. The site also has information on the different classes of annual shows that aspiring competitors can enlist under.

The Minnesota Killie Keepers Association is another popular aquarium society in Minnesota. Basically, all aquarium clubs and associations run using the model of the Minnesota Aquarium Society. They are open to membership, hold shows and seminars annually to promote fish keeping and also nurture diverse plant species.

Minnesota Aquariums remain one of the largest tourist attractions in the state. Aquarium shows by clubs and societies also draw aquarium enthusiasts into the state year round. Visitors looking for any one of the large aquariums in Minnesota can find them online and visit the ones that best suit their quest for an unforgettable underwater experience. Aquarium hobbyists can also find a club or society near them in which they can join other enthusiasts with whom to share their hobby.

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