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Minnesota Alpaca Expo

Discover the Intelligent and Social Alpacas at the Four Seasons Center in Owatonna

Minnesota Alpaca Expo The Four Seasons Center in Owatonna is the place to be during the Minnesota Alpaca Expo. Alpacas are species of camelids found in South America. These intelligent and social animals have quality fiber that is considered to be far better than that of Merino sheep.

Every year people troop to Minnesota to explore the wonders of one of the world’s hardiest animals as the exhibitors showcase them and their products. This event is open to all ages and attending with your family will ensure a fun-filled weekend for all because it actually starts on Thursday and goes on till Sunday. Your children will enjoy hugging and taking pictures with the alpacas that you’ll see are very friendly animals and they come in various fantastic colors.

If you are interested in exhibiting alpaca products, then here is the grand opportunity to meet other dealers and prospective clients. There are conditions that every exhibitor must meet in order to have a stall at the expo grounds. First an application form must be completed which requests personal details like your farm name, your name, physical address, etc. In addition to this, you’re supposed to indicate the product name and description if the intention is to showcase alpaca products and if you are bringing a live alpaca, then the color, date of birth and ARI number are required.

There are various classes and categories that can be entered into for the skein competition. There is the hand-spun skein group and the mill-spun skein group. In the hand-spun skein group there the beginner’s group that is for those exhibitors who have been spinning for less than a year, the intermediate spinners for those who have been spinning for more than one year but less than three years and the advanced spinners who have been in it for over three years.

The spinners are then categorized into those that spin yarn from the commercially prepared fibers and those that use their hand prepared fibers. They are then sub-categorized into various classes.

The Mill-spun competition has two categories that an exhibitor can enter to exhibit what they have. There is the skein for those who are interested in showcasing their best work and the other skein for individual farms exhibiting the quality of yarn from their alpaca’s fiber. The classes in these categories are the finer yarns class, the medium yarns, the bulky yarns and the novelty yarns class.

All entries must be the works of the exhibitor and they have to be of the same kind. The materials used for production of the items to be exhibited should have at least 50 percent or more alpaca fiber. There is a deadline date for the items to be shown at the expo to be complete and ready if they are to gain entry into the competition. With an exemption of the mill-spun skein, each item must have a written description detailing the content of the fiber, its preparation, the techniques applied, the yarn used and the pattern designer, amongst other finer details.

An exhibitor can enter two skeins for each of the groups as long as they are not of similar fiber preparations. The skein must be of a given length and circumference, smartly wound and tied in four places then placed in a pre-defined plastic bag contrary to which marks may be lost. Take note that there may be a combination of classes if the entries do not meet the threshold number. To win a ribbon, you must show the range craftsmanship and creativity in your final specimen.

During the alpaca expo there is a silent auction that involves donation of alpaca products and a breeding to your herdsire. All these are done to raise funds for research and improvement of the alpaca breeds. There also vendors selling products for purchase to use or keep as memorabilia. For those who are interested in advertising their products or those interested in alpaca products that may not be on display there are show books which are distributed to participants.

The fun at the expo can be magnified by taking up volunteer jobs that are available plus don’t miss the chance to be honored as part of the team that makes the Minnesota Alpaca Expo such a great success. There is no better way of spending your time in Minnesota attending the expo.

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