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Minnesota Jeep Club The Minnesota Jeep Club is a medium sized member’s only organization specializing in affairs relating to Jeeps, both factory standard and off-road custom builds.

It is geared toward disseminating, discussing, dissecting myths about the Jeep brand of vehicle. Founded on August 17th 2000, the club currently has 185 members who interact online on their ‘Minnesota jeep club’ domain. It offers fun and recreation but also serious technical tips.

For instance, members could inquire via Yahoo messenger on the best place to find a tow package and hitch for a Jeep Wrangler. Other members could then respond online with what would be a suitable place to find the desired equipment, based on their own experiences.

New members post the most queries, usually of an electronic nature as these are the most complex. One such befuddled ‘Jeeparian’ had a problem with the Auto shutdown function relay- also known as the Impact inertial switch. Literally within minutes, his inbox was flooded with helpful tips from eager members. His problem was thus solved without his fingers making a reluctant march towards his checkbook.

Membership to this club is approved by a moderator via a confirmation e-mail. Joining the club is strictly via two criteria namely Jeep ownership especially of the off-road variety and provision of contact information. This is in order to access the no holds barred photos and messages. Any email address a prospective member provides is always hidden except in posted messages.

An important aspect of the club is that one has to tell the group owner about themselves and why they wish to join the club. The emphasis here is on not just reeling off adventure stories but on bringing value to the club via the “caring and sharing” method. The club has a database of its members that is accessible to those permitted to join. Files, photo spreads and links assist in providing a rich and fulfilling experience.

The Minnesota jeep club also interacts with other groups including the Toyota Hybrids club, Toyota off road club, Trucks of America club, Custom build off road truck clubs (these are scattered throughout the nation) and other odd kids on the block such as those dealing in muscle cars. This is however not on a major basis. The great thing about this club however is that commercial transactions are permitted. A member may put his jeep up for sale complete with info concerning horsepower, mileage, structural integrity, repairs and modifications and a negotiable price without paying a dime.

Funny anecdotes are also welcome-infact encouraged- as every Jeep owner has a story about their ‘baby’. Stories told in person and online have ranged from skinning a couple of knuckles while trying to loosen stubborn lugs to getting slowly submerged in an unseen mud hole-with your better half sitting beside you. Jeeps despite their 4 by 4 prowess have been known to need a helping hand getting away from the clutches of Mother Nature. Winters are particularly treacherous, as older generation Jeeps with their high centers of gravity find icy roads a challenge.

Sooner or later, a Jeep owner will find it necessary to add some modifications to his beloved steed. The Minnesota jeep club is just the place to find those helpful tips to make the improvements. One die-hard off roader warrior wanted to build the ultimate Jeep, so he posted queries to the stages at the club. His 1991 Jeep Cherokee eventually ended up having a 1970’s F-150 Ford front axle and coil spring, a 1995 Mustang manifold intake, six lug nuts from a 1982 Jeep Wagoner and a roll cage from a 1991 Jeep Wrangler. The resulting monster tackled the terrain with complete ease and is still a regular conversation topic at the Minnesota Jeep Club.

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