Minnesota Attractions

Minnesota Attractions

Discover the beauty of the land of 10,000 Lakes.

Everyone has a thirst for their own form of adventure. No matter what you’re craving Minnesota has what you desire. The state is filled with various terrains, forests, lakes and so many wild life species. On top of that the area hosts some of the most world famous attractions that are either restored from old or built by world renowned architects and local artists. Minneapolis is also the home of the world’s largest shopping center, which coincidently goes by the name Mall of America.

One of the most fascinating features of Minnesota is that the state triumphs through all four seasons, and is well known for the various activities offered throughout each one. Snowmobiling and skiing is just a couple of the best known winter sports, we also have ice skating, tubing, and of course snow shoeing in our vast forests.

During late spring and early summer, boating becomes quite common. This must be because the state boasts over 10,000 lakes. Minnesota gets its nick name from this one special feature. While Wisconsin has its cheese, we have great amounts of water, which helps the wild life in the area thrive. Not all of our lakes are boat friendly however; many are just too small to allow these recreational vehicles to prove their worthiness. If you think of it though, for every small lake there are two or more larger ones to compensate. One of the most renowned lakes near the twin cities is Lake Minnetonka. This special area is what many call home in their multi-million dollar homes along its shore.

Among other activities, Minnesota also boasts thousands of miles of walking and biking trails which carve their way through the most amazing forests in North America, and alongside many of its lakes for an amazing view, you won’t soon forget. Exercise in this neck of the woods is easy to come about since these trails are spread out all over the state.

The Arts in Minnesota can be seen all over. There are bridges that are meant to be useful and sculpture like. Plus there are many landmarks for residents and visitors alike to enjoy as much as they desire. But the stationary objects are only the beginning; theater is a big thing here as well. Do you prefer a show over dinner, or would you like other options, since there are plenty to choose from. The children’s theater is an option that will allow you to laugh uncontrollably and leave you asking for more.

Museums are a feature that Minnesota prides itself on as well, and there are several different types including, but not limited to, science, history, art, cultural, children’s, and aquatic or aquariums. The list is endless, and during your visit or exploration of your home state you should check out each one. They are all different in their own ways, and some of them have massive outdoor water shows that are quite inviting.

Festivals are always a big deal here; we like to celebrate just about everything. The Minnesota State Fair is one of the biggest around and well over twenty million were in attendance this past August alone. We also have the Renaissance Festival among others in different counties throughout this wonderland. Music is all around us with local artists performing regularly and well known celebrities joining in on the fun on a regular basis, so you should too.

On your next vacation, whether it’s with the whole family or just a few friends, come to Minnesota where the possibilities are endless. See you soon!!!!

Minnesota Theaters.

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Minnesota Parks.

Minnesota water parks Minnesota Water Parks
There are lots water parks in Minnesota to enjoy fun activities like splash games, pool games and sand volley ball while relaxing with your family.


Minnesota Theme Parks Minnesota Theme Parks
Examples include Mall of America, Casey's Amusement Park, Valleyfair, Three Rivers Park District & Arrowwood Big Splash.


Minnesota Dog Parks Minnesota Dog Parks.
There are several dog parks to take your dog for exercise and interaction with other dogs. Every city in Minnesota has a dog park.


Minnesota National Parks Minnesota National Parks.
There are many parks to enjoy nature and discover the heritage of the land. Examples include the Grand portage national park.